How do I qualify?

To qualify for free toys from the DENVER SANTA CLAUS SHOP,  you must be a resident of Denver and receiving services from either Denver Human Services or an approved Community Service Provider as outlined on our RECEIVE A TOY–REGISTER HERE  page. We provide toys to children ages 0-11 years old.

How do I register my children to receive toys?

If you meet the above qualifications, you can pre-register for the toy giveaway on our RECEIVE A TOY–REGISTER HERE  page and click on Pre-Register Here.  You will find more information there and can select the date/time you are able to attend.

Do I need a recommendation or referral letter?

No. If you are receiving assistance from Denver Human Services you automatically qualify for this year’s mobile toy giveaway for your children ages newborn through 11 years. 
Go to our RECEIVE A TOY–REGISTER HERE  page to pre-register for the event.  You will need to bring a photo ID and your kids birth certificates (or some other proof of children’s ages) when you come to the toy giveaway. 
If you are not receiving assistance from DHS, you need to be registered with and receiving assistance from some type of Social Service Agency or Community Partner – examples are on the RECEIVE A TOY–REGISTER HERE page. 
More information as to the dates, times, etc., are posted on our  RECEIVE A TOY–REGISTER HERE  page.  There is also a link where if you are qualified you can register for the event.  If none of this applies to you, please use the CONTACT US page with more specifics about your situation.

Do I need to bring birth certificates?

No. If you cannot bring copies of your children’s birth certificates, other forms of proof of age will be accepted such as notification of birth, school ID or even school report cards.

Is the Denver Santa Claus Shop only for Denver County residents?

Yes. Many of the other counties in the Denver metro area have their own Santa Claus Shops.

I  do not live in Denver but I am on Medicaid and food stamps. Is there any way to qualify?

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we can only accept Denver residents at this time. Please check with your County to see what services might be available to you.

I receive food stamps and daycare assistance from DHS but no other services so I don’t have a caseworker. Can I still register my children?

Yes. If you are receiving any type of assistance from DHS you are automatically qualified for this year’s mobile toy giveaway for your children that are newborn through 11 years old. 

How will the Mobile Toy Giveaway work?

Plan to arrive at the parking lot located at  2150 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver  80222  on the day and time that you are pre-registered.  Arriving earlier will only create longer wait times for everybody. 

For families pre-registered for the first  (10 AM) time slot, be aware that the parking lot will not open until 9:30 AM. 

Follow the signage and traffic cones to begin lining up to receive your toys. 

Please do not leave your vehicle under any circumstances.

When you reach the point of giveaway please make sure everyone in the vehicle is wearing a mask and a volunteer will scan the QR code you received during pre-registration.

You will then be asked to pull forward to receive your toys depending on the age and gender of your children. 

Volunteers will bring your toys to the vehicle.  Please open a window or pop the lock on your trunk without leaving your vehicle and the volunteers will place your toys in your vehicle. 

You will then be directed to the exit.

Can our Company/Team/Group Volunteer In-Person?

In our efforts to keep everyone safe during COVID, volunteer opportunities may be limited this year.  If you would still like to help, fill out the information our CONTACT US page and someone will contact you.

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